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bullet train:

see railroadrailroad
or railway,
form of transportation most commonly consisting of steel rails, called tracks, on which trains of freight cars, passenger cars, and other rolling stock are drawn by one locomotive or more.
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The first bullet train, with its almost cute bulbous round nose, traveled from Tokyo to Osaka in four hours, shaving two and a half hours off the 513-kilometer (319-mile) journey.
The biggest dream that Modi is trying to sell to the Indians through his rail budget is to start work on a bullet train on the Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad route.
New Delhi, July 8 ( ANI ): Railways Minister Sadananda Gowda has said that the Indian Railways is on its way to fulfill the long cherished dream to run a bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
As the developer of the bullet train system, Japan has consistently been at the forefront of new technology in the railroad industry.
The crash, with delays on a new Beijing-Shanghai line blamed on equipment failures, embarrassed the communist government and fuelled public anger at a bullet train network that critics say is dangerous and too costly.
According to the preliminary report, the government will need to shell out between Rs 70 crore to Rs 100 crore to construct high- speed railway lines and purchase bullet trains.
But people will be riding bullet trains from Boston to Baltimore before they'll be boarding them in Eugene.
THIS 140mph Japanese bullet train arrived in the UK yesterday - the first of four that will whisk spectators to London's 2012 Olympics.
JR Tokai President Masayuki Matsumoto said the service will allow passengers to spend their time aboard bullet trains more efficiently.
THSRC and the Taiwan bullet train consortium, which groups the Japanese makers of the train system, were expected to sign a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of the bullet trains in February, but contract negotiations concerning Japanese loans and investment in the project have stalled.
Aboard one of these bullet trains, they could eat in the dining car, use their laptop computers or just gaze out the window during the 32-minute trip from downtown Los Angeles to the High Desert airport.
Raja on Tuesday questioned how realistic it was to have bullet trains at this juncture and also indicated that he has no great expectations from the Railway Budget.