bulletproof glass

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bullet-resisting glass

A laminated assembly consisting of four or more sheets of glass stacked alternately with layers of a transparent plastic resin, then bonded under heat and pressure.
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The man had this week broken into the high-security home of a non-resident Keralite which had features like a remote-controlled gate, bullet-proof glass and observation cameras all around.
Washington,Sep 3(ANI): The owner of a bullet-proof glass company, Texas Armoring, Trent Kimball, let one of his employees shoot at him with an AK 47 rifle to demonstrate his product's effectiveness.
The president addressed the crowds from behind a specially-constructed three-sided bullet-proof glass structure.
The raised section is made from bullet-proof glass.
Three teller windows behind bullet-proof glass, plus handicapped accessible window.
The priceless painting is surrounded by bullet-proof glass and was not damaged.
Her QC, Nicholas Braslavsky, told a judge in London that part of her case was that the vehicle in which her husband was travelling should have had bullet-proof glass.
This could be romantically interpreted as a return to primeval arcadia, but the bullet-proof glass in some windows is an indicator of more pressing contemporary concerns.
Useful extras include special gear ratios for a fast getaway, bullet-proof glass, perspex roof - and running boards and handles where security men stood guard.
While the truth is what ultimately sets prisoners free, the price for Manji's candor has been high: she's had to install bullet-proof glass in her home and she occasionally requires a bodyguard.
BULLET-PROOF glass saved the family of a prominent Sinn Fein councillor from possible death.
If anyone starts trouble in the back the driver can push a button that automatically closes a bullet-proof glass partition, locks the doors, sets off the deafening hooter, and if all else fails, squirts a jet of tear gas into the cab.