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(1) A collection of official acts, decrees, edicts, and so on.

(2) A brief official informational announcement—for example, military summaries or bulletins on the state of health of an outstanding government leader.

(3) A periodical or continuing publication devoted to a specific group of problems—for example, Biulleten’ Verkhovnogo suda SSSR (Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the USSR).

(4) An election bulletin—that is, a sheet of paper used for voting with the name of the candidate written on it.

(5) A hospital list, or bulletin—a disability list, used for registering the diseases of manual or office workers.

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Now, when I begin preparing a bulletin board, students come up to me and ask what is going to go up this time and I simply say, "Wait and see," with a twinkle in my eye.
Manila Bulletin Tech News Editor Art Samaniego (leftmost) leading the toast during the MBrand launch at the Presidential Suite of The Manila Hotel with (from left to right) MBrand Department Head Irish May Lorenzo, Digital Publisher Jane Kingsu-Cheng, News Editor Isabel de Leon, Business Development Head Jayvee Fernandez, Executive Editor Pinky Colmenares, Executive Vice President of the Executive Department Sonny Coloma, Editor-in-Chief Crispulo Icban Jr., Lifestyle Editor AA Patawaran, and Business Editor Loreto Cabanes.
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Bulletins three and four will address important but not critical vulnerabilities in Windows, and bulletin five will be for users of Silverlight on Mac and Windows.
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