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bull’s-eye, 2
1. A figure or ornament of concentric bands.
2. A round or oval aperture, open, louvered, or glazed; an oculus or oeil-de-boeuf
3. The enclosure of such an aperture, a double-arched frame with two or four key voussoirs.
4. A circular aperture in a masonry wall; usually formed by voussoirs or tapered bricks.


Bill Sykes’s dog. [Br. Lit.: Oliver Twist]
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Taking a bulls-eye compliment well is in itself a sign of character development.
We have a lot planned for iPriorityMail over the next year and are dedicated to improving the iPhone experience," said Scot Kramarich, founder of Bulls-eye Studios.
Mail submissions, postmarked by July 31, to Bulls-Eye Can You Go Pro Contest, P.
Baird teed-off this morning from 375 feet in the air atop the Omni Hotel and landed eight of ten shots inside a bulls-eye 230 yards below in the outfield of PETCO Park, home of the San Diego Padres.
Spring exploration on the Bulls-Eye target is in the planning stage.
Participating companies in the 2004 Toy Drive include: Ace Toy Box, Adventure Publishing Group, Alex, Brio Corporation, Bulls-Eye, Inc.
Tiger Electronics' new BULLS EYE BALL game brings back the great memories of those trips to the arcade where you couldn't walk away until you got a bulls-eye and even then it was still hard to leave.
massive bulls-eye on a dart board, a huge hole on a golf course, etc.
The Cisco OEM deal scores a bulls-eye for RiverSoft strategy.
The cutting-edge design is very appealing to today's teens; Pontiac has clearly hit the bulls-eye of this adventure-loving demographic
Being in business with Howard Stern is another bulls-eye for UPN in attracting young male viewers," said Nunan, in making the announcement.