Bunak, Viktor

Bunak, Viktor Valerianovich


Born Sept. 10 (22), 1891, in Moscow. Soviet anthropologist; one of the founders of the Soviet anthropological school. Doctor of biology (1935), professor (1925).

Bunak’s major works are on the morphology of man (theory of the process of growth and of physical development, research on the development of skeleton forms), the study of races, problems of anthropogenesis and the genetics of man, theory of the origin of speech, and so on. He introduced new research methods into anthropology and new methods of processing mass anthropometric data. Bunak organized and directed applied anthropological work to establish in the USSR standards for producing certain consumer goods, such as clothing and shoes. He has been awarded the Order of Lenin and medals.


Proiskhozhdenie i etnicheskaia istoriia russkogo naroda: Po antropologicheskim dannym. Moscow, 1965. (Editor and author of several chapters.)
Iskopaemye gominidy i proiskhozhdenie cheloveka. Moscow, 1966. (Editor and author of several chapters.)


Nesturkh, M. F. “V. V. Bunak.” In Sovremennaia antropologiia. Moscow, 1964. (Contains a list of Bunak’s works.)