Bunch Day

Bunch (Madam Lou) Day

Third Saturday in June
Bunch day is an annual reminder of the rowdy gold-mining days of Central City, Colo., held to honor the town's last madam. The event features bed races, a Madams and Miners Ball, and the selection of a Madam of the Year. In addition, there are tours of old mining rigs and trains that take visitors into the heart of the mountains to see colorful veins of ore.
Central City was settled in the Gold Rush of 1859 and became known as the Richest Square Mile on Earth—some $75 million in gold was mined there. One of the miners was a man named John Gregory, who dug up a fortune. New York newspaper editor Horace Greeley heard about Gregory Gulch and went west to take a look, after which he supposedly wrote, "Go west, young man." The phrase isn't found in his writings, because this advice was first given by John Babsone SoulÉ in an article for Indiana's Terre Haute Express . Greeley reprinted the article in his New York Tribune under SoulÉ's byline; nevertheless Greeley has been remembered for the inspiring phrase and both Gregory and SoulÉ have faded into history.
Central City
141 Nevada
Central City, CO 80427
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