dwarf cornel

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dwarf cornel:

see dogwooddogwood
or cornel
, shrub or tree of the genus Cornus, chiefly of north temperate and tropical mountain regions, characteristically having an inconspicuous flower surrounded by large, showy bracts which are often mistaken for petals.
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(dogwood family) Named for the “bunch” the berries grow in. A very symmetrical plant, the ribbed leaves, white “flower”, and berries themselves, everything is beautifully symmetrical. Not a lot of flavor, but nutritious. You can eat the whole berry, seed and everything, or make sauce out of them by throwing them in a Vitamix blender. The red berry-like fruits are edible with a mild flavor somewhat like apples. The large seeds within are somewhat hard and crunchy. Dogwood bark is a substitute for cinchona bark, the source of quinine, for treating Malaria.
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