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Ontogenic profiling of glucosinolates, flavonoids, and other secondary metabolites in Eruca sativa (salad rocket), Diplotaxis erucoides (wall rocket), Diplotaxis tenuifolia (wild rocket), and Bunias orientalis (Turkish rocket).
You might also like to search out Diplotaxis erucoides, a form of wild rocket and bunias orientalis, the Turkish rocket, but take care as they can become weeds if not managed well.
Group 1 is differentiated by a large number of annuals, like Aegilops neglecta, Medicago orbicularis, Crepis zacintha, Medicago rigidula, Carduuspycnocephalus, Bunias erucago, Trifolium scabrum, Hippocrepis ciliata, Onobrychis caput-galli, Vicia lutea, Nigella damascena, Pallenis spinosa and Crepis neglecta.