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"Thunder Bunny" is definitely an original story around the saying 'coming out of the blue.' The illustrations are soft and cuddly like a bunny rabbit, so the pictures are fun to look at.
And yet if you were to do a survey right now, nine out of 10 people still think Easter is to do with chocolate eggs, bunny rabbits and a trip to B&Q.
My favorite has a house-and-garden scene on the top line, underneath that are carrots growing in the garden, and underneath that are bunny rabbits stealing the carrots."
OUR SCHOOL HAS two bunny rabbits. One called Bubblegum, one called Candy.
The two performers are supported by ingenious puppeteers Jonny Dixon and Jess Jones who make Beauty and the Beast silhouette projections, a red rose out of tissue paper and turn white plastic bags into (procreating) bunny rabbits.
We went into the petting area and stroked the bunny rabbits.
naked bowling, bathing in beer, chess boxing and the breeding of giant bunny rabbits.
Margie Blumberg has written a delightfully entertaining story about a family of bunny rabbits who spend a day at the beach.
Spring is in the air and, if my rudimentary grasp of the natural world is correct, bunny rabbits are giving birth to little lambs and daffodils.
CHOCOLATE, hot cross buns, bunny rabbits and egg hunts will soon be on everyone's mind with Easter fast approaching.
And he revealed his anguish after Lauren, four, asked him: "Why would a nasty man kill our bunny rabbits?"
As traditional as bunny rabbits, chocolate eggs and a trip to church, Easter wouldn't be the same without all the fun of the fair.