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see BonaparteBonaparte
, Ital. Buonaparte , family name of Napoleon I, emperor of the French. Parentage

Napoleon's father, Carlo Buonaparte, 1746–85, a petty Corsican nobleman, was a lawyer in Ajaccio.
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 and Napoleon INapoleon I
, 1769–1821, emperor of the French, b. Ajaccio, Corsica, known as "the Little Corporal." Early Life

The son of Carlo and Letizia Bonaparte (or Buonaparte; see under Bonaparte, family), young Napoleon was sent (1779) to French military schools at
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Buonaparte is the Italian spelling of the Corsican surname, while Bonaparte is the French rendering.
I'd like to see the great man," he said, meaning Napoleon, having hitherto called him Buonaparte like everybody else.
He cannot stand the idea of Buonaparte hobnobbing on equal terms with all the sovereigns of Europe, especially our own, the grandson of the great Catherine
We see that whereas the old prince refers to Napoleon as Bonaparte, Princess Marya calls him Buonaparte.
Proclamation de Napoleon Buonaparte a ses nouveaux sujets.
Lord Yarmouth gives Lord Glengall five guineas to receive 100 guineas if Mr G Brummell returns to London before Buonaparte returns to Paris.
Why if Buonaparte be the General he is reputed to be, and if he will take Example and Experience from those ancient Heroes he pretends to emulate; He must go strait forward, and without losing a moment, to Vienna; [.
200 YEARS AGO: Lord Nelson has written a very polite letter to General Buonaparte at Cairo, assuring him that he shall forward all the private letters addressed to persons in France, which he had intercepted, but that he should keep the official dispatch es.
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