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A violent northeast storm of south Russia and central Siberia, similar to the blizzard.



(Turkic), a snowstorm with a strong wind and a low air temperature. The term “buran” is used, for the most part, in the Asiatic part of the USSR (Siberia and Kazakhstan).

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The Buran Soviet space program began in 1974, but it lost steam at the collapse of the Soviet union and was finally suspended in 1993.
Initially to decrease the vacuum rotary pumps and the environment dust burden we used a cylinder cyclone (d=1600 m) further replaced with a parallel-positioned vertical buran, n=4 (Fig.
Russian sources report that the mockup of legendary Buran spacecraft will be displayed at VDNH park in the northern part of the Russian capital city.
One goal of the mission was to test the effects of long-duration space flight on Volk's return flight as a precursor to piloting the space shuttle Buran.
The Court concludes that in order for plaintiff to receive the benefit of the relation-back doctrine, all three prongs enunciated in Brock, as modified by the Court of Appeals in Buran, must be satisfied.
At the center is the plight of Roberto Buran a financially comfortable divorced lawyer of fifty years.
Since the King assumed his constitutional powers a decade ago, Jordanians steadily and confidently look for a better future, said Buran to PetraAAEs correspondent in the British capital at a grand celebration held at the Embassy to mark the Independence Day (ID) and the MonarchAAEs ascension to the Throne.
Volume IV addresses primarily manned spaceflight efforts: the Soviet Union's unsuccessful program to put men on the Moon, the Salyut and Mir space stations, and the Buran space shuttle.
The intensive health management activities associated with SB often command a pervasive presence in the lives of families (Bellin, Sawin, Roux, Buran, & Brei, 2007; Sawin, Bellin, et al.
Five of them were sold as yearlings in North America for a total of $1,705,040, including a pair of $550,000 fillies, Buran and Lady Bonanza.
The six-engined aircraft is the only one of its kind still being used and was originally designed to carry Russia's Buran space shuttle.
CYCLING: Czech Pavel Buran beat Scotland's European and twice British champion Ross Edgar in the heats of yesterday's sprint at the Edinburgh Track Grand Prix at Meadowbank and went on to win the final.