Bureau of Indian Affairs

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Indian Affairs, Bureau of

Indian Affairs, Bureau of, created (1824) in the U.S. War Dept. and transferred (1849) to the U.S. Dept. of the Interior. The War Dept. managed Native American affairs after 1789, but a separate bureau was not set up for many years. It had jurisdiction over trade with Native Americans, their removal to the West, their protection from exploitation, and their concentration on reservations. Because of wide dissatisfaction in the West over army administration of Native American affairs, the responsibility was given to the Dept. of the Interior and reorganized. The new bureau was no more successful than its predecessor in preventing wars with Native Americans or in protecting their rights. The Bureau of Indian Affairs instead evolved primarily into a land-administering agency, a process speeded up by the Dawes Act of 1887, the Burke Act of 1906, and the Wheeler-Howard Act of 1934, now acting as trustee over Native American lands and funds. The bureau also promotes agricultural and economic development, provides a health program, social services, Native American schools, and reclamation projects for Alaska Natives and Native Americans in the United States. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has also been officially called the Office of Indian Affairs and the Indian Service. Beginning in the early 1970s, Native American civil-rights groups, such as the American Indian Movement, began actively protesting their dissatisfaction with the bureau. In 1997 the bureau was accused by Interior Dept. auditors of mismanaging money owed to Native American tribes and individuals. A lawsuit on the issue, dating to 1996, was tentatively settled in 2009 for $3.4 billion (mainly for compensation and fractionated land ownership consolidation). Since 2011 a number of tribes have also won or settled claims resulting from alleged mismanagement, with compensation totaling about $1.9 billion.
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The Bureau of Indian Affairs has invited the public to submit comments on the plans until Dec.
93-638 Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, the memorandum of agreement between FHWA and the Bureau of Indian Affairs allowed tribal leaders at the decisionmaking table as peripheral negotiators.
Berrey said Hyde had misinterpreted the law in the letter and memo sent to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He said the laws were written to allow American Indians to repatriate lands within their former reservations.
A report released in January by the Bureau of Indian Affairs showed about 63 percent of able workers on Standing Rock were unemployed.
Los Coyotes Barstow Casino, a US-based casino owned by Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians, has acquired a draft environmental impact statement from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, in US.
Department of Education; (8) The President's FY 11 Budget Requests For Native Education; (9) NIEA Appropriations Priorities for 2011; (10) Bureau of Indian Education Schools; (11) Bureau of Indian Education Race to the Top; (12) The Johnson O'Malley Program; (13) Funding Indian Education Through Impact Aid; (14) Insufficient Funding for the Construction and Repair of Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools; (15) Tribal Education Departments; and (16) Funding American Indian--Alaska Native Head Start and Early Head Start Programs.
Albuquerque, NM, July 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Lamar Associates' senior managers, having served in top Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement positions, recognize the under-addressed criminal justice needs of Indian Country and take this opportunity to applaud the President's signing into law the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010.
Granite Construction Incorporated announced today that Granite Construction Company has been awarded a $29 million roadway pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction contract by the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs. The project is located on the Navajo Nation reservation in New Mexico and funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Holding company of diversified heavy civil contractors and construction materials producers Granite Construction Incorporated (NYSE:GVA) disclosed on Tuesday the award of a roadway pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction contract worth USD29m from the US Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs.
The Havasupai tribe is one of the smaller Indian communities in Arizona with about 679 members, according to Bureau of Indian Affairs estimates.
Reinhardt (Associate Professor of History, Towson University, Maryland) draws upon oral histories, council records, and reservation newspapers to provide an historical survey and analysis of the Oglala Lakota reservation in South Dakota during the mid-twentieth century when it was evolving from being directly run by the federal government , to indirect colonialism under the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA), to the 1973 occupation and siege of Wounded Knee as the culmination of dissatisfaction with how reservation autonomy was being hampered by the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. Professor Reinhardt amply supports his thesis that the siege was not simply a political stunt of the American Indian Movement, but a genuine grassroots protest that was developing over the previous forty years.

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