Burgas District

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Burgas District


an administrative and territorial unit in southeastern Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. Area, 7, 300 sq km; population, 399, 000 (1968). The administrative center is the city of Burgas. The Black Sea extends inland at the Gulf of Burgas; the area of the gulf is a lowland bordered on the south by the sharply hilly Bosna and Khasekiiata plateaus and in the northeast by the spurs of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains; elevation, 600-800 m).

Burgas District is an important industrial and agricultural region of the country; there is petroleum refining, petrochemistry, machine building (railroad cars, fishing vessels, ventilators, radiators, and cable), and a food industry. Lignite, copper ore, and sea salt are mined. About one-third of the land surface is under cultivation. The chief agricultural crops are wheat (about 7 percent of the total Bulgarian harvest), sunflowers, sugar beets, cotton, and grapes (primarily in the northern part of the district). The district produces vegetable oil, sugar, wine, and flour. Sheep and hogs are raised. Burgas District is a major fishing region of Bulgaria (80 percent of the country’s catch—bonito, mackerel, and gray mullet). Sunny Shore, an international resort complex, is located on the coast.


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In the Burgas District, which has 20 cities, 6 of the cities with an increased number of inhabitants are located.
For a 10-year period, the population in Bulgaria has decreased by more than 416 000 people or a population of approximately the size of the Burgas District, according to data from Eurostat's analysis of demographic trends in the EU countries.
In Burgas District is a warning for heavy rainfall.
Search teams on 1stAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA of November found the body of the 67 year Stoyanka from the village of Cherni Vrah, Burgas district. She went missing following the torrential rains 6 days ago that left many villages in the area under water, according to BNT.AaAaAeAe
The national donation campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross gathered for a total of 4 days 139 144 BGN to help those affected by the floods in Burgas District. This was announced by the BRC press center.
In execution of the Operational Programme for Food and/or Basic Material Assistance under the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD), the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) a Burgas district starts phased distribution of individual packages with food products from the first additional tranche to 2,075 Bulgarian citizens in need from the Burgas district, the Regional Structure of the Bulgarian Red Cross announced, quoted byA Focus News Agency.
The Burgas District Court has ruled there is no likelihood that he tries to hide from justice due to the "permanent link" he has with the place he lieves and is unlikely to commit a crime while not in detention.