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1. the chief magistrate of a town in Austria, Belgium, Germany, or the Netherlands; mayor
2. a popular name for the glaucous gull
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(German, Bürgermeister). (1) The highest official in municipal organs of state government in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and in local organs of administration of some capitalist countries (the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria). In the GDR the burgomaster is elected by town meetings of deputies and is head of the executive body of the town meeting, the council. In capitalist countries the burgomaster plays a leading role in local administrative bodies; he is the representative of the central government, appoints and removes municipal employees, and is in charge of drawing up and carrying out the budget. Burgomasters are either elected by the municipal councils (for example, in most of the provinces of the Federal Republic of Germany), directly by the people (in the provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in the Federal Republic of Germany), or appointed by the government (as in the Netherlands). In the provinces of Lower Saxony and Northern Westphalia (FRG), the burgomaster functions chiefly as a representative of the government, and local administration is concentrated in the hands of special officials, known as community directors, who are appointed by the community councils.

(2) In Russia a burgomaster is known as a burmistr.

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Again, Burgermeister claims to have proof that the vaccine was patented by Baxter in 2007, much before the virus was known.
He said that 'as a result of the positive letters arriving from the migrants on the other side, the spirit of migration has been advanced in our local mayor, namely Burgermeister Horn, who resigned his position and migrated with his family'.
Die Kiste war nach Amsterdam an Burgermeister Deutz addressirt und enthielt Fossilien Madreporen, Conchylien einige Munzen und Magnetsteine von /35 St.
The German traveller and Burgermeister of Frankfurt, Zacharias Conrad Von Uffenbach (1683-1735), visited Merian in Amsterdam on February 23, 1711.
Das Moller-Florilegium; Hans Simon Holtzbeckers Blumenalbum fur den Burgermeister Barthold Moller.
We worked with the burgermeister (mayor), telling him what the rules were to be.
La ley de 9 de Octubre de 1860, establecia: <<(1) Das Aufgebot einer nach den Staatsgesetzen zulassigen Ehe wird auf Ansuchen der Brautleute durch das zustandige Bezirksamt dem Burgermeister ubertragen, wenn dasselbe durch den Pfarrer, als Beamten des burgerlichen Standes, verweigert oder binnen vierzehn Tagen nach Behandigung des Trauscheins nicht vorgenomen wird.
"Ja, Herr Burgermeister, I have indeed been to Germany before," replied Marsden.
The next day they tried to reach a camp at Salzwedel, but were turned back, and so spent an extra day in Brunswick, recording its citizens: a lawyer who had defended political prisoners; and the Burgermeister, whose interview was 'long, nervously delivered, unclear and self-justificatory.