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What does it mean when you dream about a corpse?

In dreams, corpses are not usually symbols of death. Rather, a corpse is a part of us or a part of our life that has died, for good or for bad. Alternatively, it can sometimes represent the feeling that our life is dead.

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Charges vary but to give just one example the current cost of buying burial rights for one internment on a 50-year lease with earthen grave and burial chamber will rise from PS989 to PS1,798, in Year 5, 2021/22.
"This goes against all the burial rights of the Christian world.
All burial rights for the island's only cemetery were sold by the early 1970s and so new plots had not been available to local families for many years.
The Philippines and the United States are swapping complaints over burial rights at Clark Veterans Cemetery (CVC), a 68yearold burial ground for US veterans and Filipino soldiers located in Pampanga that it now appears is being planned for restoration in accordance with recently passed US legislation.
So if the couple is Catholic, they will not be able to baptize their children, and if either spouse dies, they will have no burial rights. Lebanon does not have non-sectarian burial sites.
In Gateshead, the fee for burials is pounds 686.40 and exclusive burial rights are pounds 202.40.
We have been in regular contact with Mr Walker and his solicitor in recent months in the hope of finding a solution, including offering him the exclusive burial rights to adjoining plots.