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burial, disposal of a corpse in a grave or tomb. The first evidence of deliberate burial was found in European caves of the Paleolithic period. Prehistoric discoveries include both individual and communal burials, the latter indicating that pits or ossuaries were unsealed for later use or that servants or members of the family were slain to accompany the deceased. Both practices have been followed by various peoples into modern times. The ancient Egyptians developed the coffin to keep bodies from touching the earth; this burial practice was continued by the Greeks and Romans when they used the burial form of disposal. The word burial has been applied to funerary practices other than interment, such as sea burial, or tree burial (which usually precedes later interment). Secondary burial frequently occurs to terminate a period of mourning (see funeral customs). See also cemetery.
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What does it mean when you dream about burial?

A dream about attending someone’s burial service may symbolize bidding farewell to old conditions and relationships in the dreamer’s life. (See also Coffin, Crypt, Dead/Death, Grave, Hearse).

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Dreaming about funerals or burying a dead person does not necessarily symbolize physical death for you or anyone else. It could instead symbolize an ending of a different kind. You may be burying relationships, conditions, or even emotions that you no longer need and which are no longer conducive to your personal growth. On the other hand, this dream may symbolize the burying of sensitivities and emotions that are too difficult to cope with. It may reflect numbness or a feeling that is the opposite of vivacity, such as depression and emptiness. Either way, burying a living person suggests some emotional turmoil. Please consider all of the details in this dream to find the appropriate message. Old dream interpretation books say that dreaming about burials is a dream of the contrary. Instead of sadness the dreamer will experience happiness and go to celebrations, such as weddings.
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Muslim burials and Hindu cremation are usually done immediately after death in the simplest and cost effective manner.In some instances, dead bodies are being detained for long periods by hospitals due to non-payment of bills.
She explained: 'Since 1999 tree burials have spread across my country in Japan and nowadays it's a widely accepted practice as a form of natural disposal.
The plan will bump up the proposed number of burials by over 700 per cent only a few months after approval was granted for the site to cater for 50 burials a year.
In a report to Philip Richardson, director for arts, leisure and democracy, it explained that increasing fees for non-resident burials will help reduce the PS35,000 gap between how much the council spends on the cemetery service and how much money it makes.
BURIAL and cremation fees have soared by up to 124 per cent in four years - forcing some families into debt, research shows.
Taipei City Government's Mortuary Service Office (MSO) promotes environmental friendly burials as an environmentally sustainable solution.
The legality of backyard burials is governed by local laws, so consult with your local health authority prior to planning a home burial.
Botswana Land Board and Local Authorities and Health Workers Union (BLLAHWU) has been commended for initiatives among them the burial society, which is of service to the community.
Thurman and Vickie Kelley, founder and president of Natural State Burial Association, agree that funeral directors must adapt as the demand for traditional funeral services dwindles and demand for cremation and interest in green burials rise.
Officers have proposed a 5% increase in charges for burials bringing the cost in Denbighshire for a new grave for one to PS1,010.
The council wants to develop a new burial space on a nine-acre site north of the M4 on the A469, as it is predicted the capital could run out of space to bury the dead after June 2020.
There are three female and male bathing facilities, funeral prayer section, burial kits containing coffin, mushk, kafoor, arq-e-ghulab, soap and cart for the disabled and senior citizens.