ass unable to decide between two haystacks, he would starve to death. [Fr. Philos.: Brewer Dictionary, 154]
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Those who vacillate when it comes to decision making are like the Buridan's ass.
O sorriso ao final do capitulo Buridan's Ass (capitulo 6) revela que a transformacao ja se completou e, deste ponto em diante, Lester e ardiloso e amoral.
Just as Buridan's ass has reason not to starve to death, we have reason to execute the rescue mission before everyone dies.
John Buridan's Metaphysics of Persistence, TYLER HUISMANN
Buridan's Ass is an example sometimes quoted in which intellectual discipline?
Personally, I think bibliographical control today is a lot like the parable of Buridan's ass, where the hungry and thirsty creature is placed midway between hay and water, and, unable to choose between them, dies of hunger.
Christophe Grellard continues this theme with John Buridan's explanation of how it is possible to believe falsely.
Instead of promising to fulfill the revolutionary desire for "that 'something else'" (Morson 118), Beckett's superfluity of narrative possibilities places us in the position of Buridan's rational ass, who, unable to decide between mutually acceptable bales of hay, starves to death.
Always of two minds, walking to and fro between his father's "sheaves" and his brethren's "sheaves," much like Buridan's donkey, he will fall down and crumble into pieces, fatally undermined by the dark forces within.
A este respecto aclara Polansky: "though the other animals have some sense of time, they lack logos, and therefore may not have desires that explicitly, directly oppose each other, but they only oppose each other as the bales of hay drawing Buridan's ass in different directions".
With her Matteo, if nothing else, avoids the fate of Buridan's ass, which starves to death in its 'perfectly rational' (capitalistic?