Burma Road

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Burma Road,

in China and Myanmar, extending from the railhead of Lashio, Myanmar, to Kunming, Yunnan prov., China. About 700 mi (1,130 km) long and constructed through rough mountain country, it was a remarkable engineering achievement. Undertaken by the Chinese after the start of the Sino-Japanese War in 1937 and completed in 1938, it was used to transport war supplies landed at Rangoon and shipped by railroad to Lashio. This traffic increased in importance to China after the Japanese took effective control of the Chinese coast and of Indochina. The Ledo Road (later called the Stilwell Road) from Ledo, India, into Myanmar was begun in Dec., 1942. In 1944 the Ledo Road reached Myitkyina and was joined to the Burma Road. Both roads have lost their former importance and are in a state of disrepair, but India began rebuilding its section of the Stilwell Road in 2007.


See study by L. Anders (1965).

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OBAMA'S BURMA ROAD (The Wall Street Journal, New York)
In 1942 the Japanese invaded Burma in order to cut off the strategic Burma Road supply line to China.
He spent a couple of months with the special operations unit known as Merrill's Marauders and then was placed with the Mars Task Force, whose mission was to shut down the Burma Road between Burma and China to Japanese troop and supply movement.
While Kaymer is basically going it alone at the moment, McIlroy will have wily old fox JP Fitzgerald guiding him along the Burma Road and that gives the younger man an edge.
During World War II, the Allies constructed the original Burma Road to link British-controlled India and China.
The road section between Burma Road and Clothesline Road has experienced an increase in traffic due to subdivision and business development in the area.
Two of those projects--the rail extension and Burma Road improvements--are components of the Matanuska Susitna Borough's effort to mold the current Port MacKenzie into an economic powerhouse for the area, with rail and enhanced road access.
He also tried his hand at broadcasting, with programmes such as Three Miles High, Great Railway Journeys Of The World, Steam Days and The Burma Road.
As a celebrated broadcaster, Kington's programmes included Three Miles High, Great Railway Journeys Of The World, Steam Days and The Burma Road.
Playing the Burma Road was a fantastic experience, but I actually found the Edinburgh a very tight, more difficult course," said Miller.
If you head right (east) from the bridge, the Wolf Tree Trail hooks up with Burma Road, which eventually leaves the park and offers more riding and climbing.