Burning Off

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Burning Off


the clearing of land by the removal of vegetation by burning. The method has been used to prepare forest soil for the cultivation of agricultural crops (slash and burn farming). In grassland management, meadows and pastures are burned off to improve the composition of grasses and to raise their productivity. Burning off is used at logging sites to clear logging waste, brush, and undesirable tree growth. Measures to prevent the spread of fire must be observed.

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burning off

Heat-softening an age-dried paint film by use of an acetylene torch or blowtorch to permit its removal by scraping.
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References in classic literature ?
Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on a foot warmer, and awakens the next day with his feet all burned off
Our neighbours burned off their pasture before the new grass made a start, so that the fresh growth would not be mixed with the dead stand of last year.
'Shy, sir?-he wouldn't shy if he was to meet a vagin-load of monkeys with their tails burned off.'
"She was visibly upset at how he looked and I couldn't believe it when I saw all his whiskers had been burned off.
The process, whereby natural gas that cannot be recycled or recovered by plants' processes is burned off, is believed to have started at SABIC on Tuesday afternoon.
What is important now is to understand how much of that oil has burned off, and how much is leaking into the sea."
The previous 20-foot flare burned off the gas at a rate of 650 cubic feet per minute, while the new, 29-foot flare will allow the landfill to burn up to 2,000 cubic feet per minute.
Compared with Iran's history of burning off 10 percent of its natural gas output, Saudi Arabia has not even burned off 1 percent for many years.
But the good news is there are more enjoyable ways to zap those calories - after experts measured how many units are burned off laughing, playing Frisbee and even having sex.
A CAT had most of its face burned off after being thrown on a fire by cruel thugs.
That is an area we are trying to explore and we are trying to produce a monitor of how well you have burned off some body fat," the Telegraph quoted Hancock, as saying.