Burning Off

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Burning Off


the clearing of land by the removal of vegetation by burning. The method has been used to prepare forest soil for the cultivation of agricultural crops (slash and burn farming). In grassland management, meadows and pastures are burned off to improve the composition of grasses and to raise their productivity. Burning off is used at logging sites to clear logging waste, brush, and undesirable tree growth. Measures to prevent the spread of fire must be observed.

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burning off

Heat-softening an age-dried paint film by use of an acetylene torch or blowtorch to permit its removal by scraping.
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Burning off the methane with a flare can help control landfill odors created by those trace gases, he said, and prevent the flammable gas from leaching off-site through the soil.
If you're running a relatively low-compression engine and occasionally have a less-than-perfect mag check, it might be due to lead fouling, and burning off the lead by increasing the cylinder's temperature can help.
Compared with Iran's history of burning off 10 percent of its natural gas output, Saudi Arabia has not even burned off 1 percent for many years.
"We weren't told anything about a bird strike, just that there had been a technical fault and that we would land in a few hours after burning off fuel."
A Holyhead Coastguard spokesman confirmed the smoke was actually caused by the Douglas Platform, which drills for oil and gas in the Irish Sea around 15 miles off the North Wales coast, burning off excess gas.
Former contestant Colin Jackson and his glamorous dance partner Erin Boag judged cakes baked by npower employees in Solihull before burning off the calories with a dance routine.
Thermocytes, sometimes called brown fat, are abundant in many small animals and in human babies where they help maintain body temperature by burning off energy as heat rather than storing it like normal fat.
THE rising stars of South Wales tennis will be burning off some Christmas calories next week at the annual South Wales County Closed Tennis Championships.
"The other part is that they do a tremendous amount of physical activity, burning off more than 2800 calories a week.
Kirsty is aiming to do the run in 60 minutes and running at that speed, taking into account her weight, she is burning off about 750 calories.
Gas flaring is the burning off of gases released during oil drilling.
Dancing the night away is great for burning off calories.