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Painful urination.



disturbance of urination, usually as a result of difficulty in discharging urine from the urinary bladder when there is pressure on the urethra by a hematoma, tumor, or enlarged prostate gland or there is obstruction by a stone; dysuria can also occur as a result of functional disturbances in diseases of the nervous system (spasms, for example). Painful and frequent urination is sometimes classified as dysuria.

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This may be coupled with any or all of these symptoms: chills, fever, flank pain, hematuria (blood in urine), increased urination, cloudy/thick or smelly urine, sediment in the urine, burning with urination, and increased spasticity.
Prostatitis in men with sensation can cause back pain, pain in the rectal area, and burning with urination. This condition is usually treated with antibiotics, but warm baths and muscle relaxants have been beneficial.