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see city governmentcity government,
political administration of urban areas.

The English tradition of incorporating urban units (cities, boroughs, villages, towns) and allowing them freedom in most local matters is general in the United States (see city; local government). The traditional U.
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; countycounty
[Fr., comté,=domain of a count], division of local government in the United States, Great Britain, and many Commonwealth countries. The county developed in England from the shire, a unit of local government that originated in the Saxon settlements of the 5th
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1. a town, esp (in Britain) one that forms the constituency of an MP or that was originally incorporated by royal charter
2. any of the 32 constituent divisions that together with the City of London make up Greater London
3. any of the five constituent divisions of New York City
4. (in the US) a self-governing incorporated municipality
5. (in medieval England) a fortified town or village or a fort
6. (in New Zealand) a small municipality with a governing body
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HEREFORDSHIRE: H Patel, R Hall, M Dale, R Hughes, C Buroughs (capt), D Exall, J Brinkley, E Rollings, D Willetts, M Horrocks, R Parker.
After an arduous 16-lap race he crossed the line sandwiched between former champions Don Kennedy and Neil Buroughs.
In 1909 the city promised buroughs for the cities of San Pedro and Wilmington.