Burow's Solution

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Burow’s Solution


(named for the German physician K. A. Burow, 1809-74), an 8-percent solution of aluminum acetate that has an astringent, anti-inflammatory, and disinfectant effect. Burow’s solution is used in fissures of the skin and for rinses, lotions, syringings, and treatment of wounds.

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She also received calcium salts and roxithromycin for 10 days, topical Burow's solution for the first 3 days, wet dressings, and midpotent corticosteroids.
27) Burow's solution was found to be effective for treatment of MRSA and intractable chronic ear infections, (26,28) as well as reducing granulation tissue.
The efficacy of Burow's solution as an ear preparation for the treatment of chronic ear infections.