Burst EDO

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Enhanced), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq:RMTR), today announced the availability of multibank extended data out (EDO) and burst EDO versions of its enhanced dynamic random access memory (EDRAM) product family.
After 20 years of few choices and small, predictable changes in DRAM architecture, DRAM designers and DRAM users are today faced with a large number of new interfaces and new device types: Synchronous DRAMs (SDRAMs), Rambus DRAMs (RDRAMs), Burst EDO (BEDO) DRAMs, Enhanced DRAMs (EDRAMs), Cache DRAMs (CDRAMs), to name just a few.
The chips perform automatic byte order conversions (big endian/little endian) between the PowerPC bus and PCI bus; deliver full 33 MHz 32-bit PCI bus performance and support a wide variety of system memory devices including standard DRAMs, EDO DRAM, Burst EDO DRAM, SDRAM and fast page mode DRAM.
Merlin can support up to 512 MB of on-board memory using x32 or x36 SIMMs utilizing ECC, memory parity, EDO, Fast Page, Burst EDO memory.
Use of SGRAM provides a crucial advantage over burst EDO DRAM as SGRAM will be easily scaled to single cycle access times up to 100MHz - something that 3Dlabs will take advantage of.
a key developer of PC logic components, today introduced its Apollo VP-2(TM) chipset, the first two-chip Pentium(TM) solution including all of the newest imperatives in PC design--Unified Memory Architecture (UMA), Universal Serial Bus (USB), Burst EDO (BEDO) and Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) and DRAM Error Correcting Code (ECC)/Parity.
Once again Micronics has demonstrated and delivered a leading- edge technology product by providing the industry with one of the first burst EDO products on the market.
Burst EDO modules configured as 1 Meg x 32, 2 Meg x 32, 4 Meg x 32, 1 Meg x 64, 2 Meg x 64, and 4 Meg x 64 are also available.
These fully qualified 16 Meg Burst EDO DRAMs are also available on SIMM and DIMM modules configured as 1 Meg x 32, 2 Meg x 32, 4 Meg x 32, 8 Meg x 32, 1 Meg x 64, 2 Meg x 64, and 4 Meg x 64.
Vesuvius supports up to 256 Mb of system memory in any combination of 64-bit and 32-bit banks while simultaneously supporting Fast Page, EDO, and Burst EDO DRAM in a per-bank basis.