Burunov, Karadzha

Burunov, Karadzha


Born Aug. 2, 1898, in the village of Amansha-Kapan, present-day Tedzhen Raion; died Mar. 23, 1965, in Ashkhabad. Soviet Turkmenian writer and translator. Honored Art Worker of the Turkmen SSR (1943).

Burunov studied at Leningrad University’s department of oriental studies from 1927 to 1930. He wrote the plays Dakylma (1927), Cotton, and Vinty as well as the narrative poem Tir"iakkesh (1927) on themes from social reality and everyday life; he also wrote the play Eighteen Drowned Men (1929), based on the history of the Civil War. Burunov was the author of lyric verses and children’s narrative poems. He translated over 40 works of classical Russian, Soviet, and world drama. He wrote librettos for operas and the ballets Shasenem and Garib (1944, with music by A. Shaposhnikov and D. Ovezov), Leili and Medzhnun (1946, with music by D. Ovezov and Iu. Meitus), and others.


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