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"It's also about community care and this is a perfect example of how people have come together around a bus route."
The auto-assign feature will automatically route students, such as incoming kindergartners, to appropriate bus routes without the need for individual additions to a bus route while allowing the administrator to manually adjust whenever needed.
The public bus routes are instrumental in raising the public transport ridership.
28 -- Latest information reveals that the National Transport Commission has been inundated with requests - not to restart the" Tender System," in issuing bus route permits in the future.
Besides increasing bus routes, he said, another plan which was already in the pipeline before the dissolution of the state assembly was to make Jalan Tanjong - the road leading to the Bukit Gasing Hill - a one-way street.
Almost 150 people in Oxton have signed a petition opposing Avon's decision to withdraw the 90 and combine the 91 and 92 services, which residents say will mean no bus route running through the village centre.
The sides also will have to make internal and international agreements necessary for restoration of the Bishkek - Batken, Bishkek - Isfana and Bishkek - Sulukta bus routes passing through the territories of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it will expand and broaden its bus services across the city by including 11 new bus routes and improving 13 existing routes.
This is for no less than eight Stagecoach bus routes, each terminating and parking in quick succession, plus the 23.
The governor inspected Metro Bus routes at Chungi Number-9, Bosan road, Hamayun road, Afshar chowk, Doulat Gate, Hafiz Jamal road, Chungi Number 14, BCG and Chowk Kumharanwala and appreciated the quality of work there.