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or bushbaby,
name for several small, active nocturnal primates of the Galagidae family, found in forested parts of Africa. Bush babies are also called galagos. The smallest are about 1 ft (30 cm) long, including the long, furry tail.
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a genus of primate mammals of the family Galaginae, suborder Lemuroidea. Body length, 115-380 mm; tail length, 150-410 mm. The fur is rust brown and thick; the tail is bushy; the hind legs are much longer than the forelegs. The heel section of the tarsus is very elongated. The ears are large and movable. The galago has sharp hearing; it has large eyes, as do other nocturnal animals. It is found in the tropical forests of Africa south of the Sahara. The galago leads a solitary, largely nocturnal life. It feeds on insects and other small animals and eats birds’ eggs. Galagos are easily domesticated in captivity and also willingly eat vegetable matter. Gestation lasts four to five months; there is usually one pup in a litter but twins are often encountered.



(vertebrate zoology)
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To see more bush babies, visit the Duke University Primate Center online at www.
Very young children will enjoy this counting book, as Mrs Roo begins with 10 bush babies at her school, including lesser known animals such as the bilby and quoll as well as the more common ones.
Animal care students get invaluable experience in handling a skunk (above), bush babies (top) and (left) a parrot.
In these cases, individual chimps made spearlike tools out of tree branches and then thrust the implements into cavities in hollow tree trunks and branches where bush babies sleep during the day.
Let's face it, blokes in women's lingerie departments are a sad sight: Blinking like startled bush babies, they paw at skimpy pieces of silk and lace like Neanderthal man encountering an iPod.
They had four children - Michael, Bernadette, Fiona and Paul - known affectionately by locals as The Bush Babies.
A total of 94 animals were seized from the south London house, among them bush babies, flying squirrels and dormice.
There are still two jaguars, six tigers, two mountain lions, five lemurs, three bush babies, seven marmosets, two antelope, three deer, two ostrich, two warthogs, two javelina, all of the birds and all of the reptiles to get out before June 30, when, according to the eviction notice, they may be confiscated.
They make their unfortunate wearers appear like sexually promiscuous, drugged-up bush babies, only slight less intelligent.
Mr Rutter, who has also sold monkeys, bush babies and tortoises in his store, was the first player to play for England without playing for an English club.
CANTERING crocs, leaping lemurs, ballet-dancing bush babies and snakes swimming in the sand - Weird Nature (BBC1) certainly lived up to its name.
All bright eyes and diminutive features, the Matiz is cuddlier than a litter of bush babies - without the tail to slow it down.