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brace, 3
1. A metal or wood member which is used to stiffen or support a structure; a strut which supports or fixes another member in position or a tie used for the same purpose.
2. An angle brace.
3. A tool having a handle, crank, and chuck; used for holding a bit or auger and rotating it to drill a hole by hand; also called a bit stock.
4. A raker, 2.
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* If you spend an extra $7 to $10/M for a high-bulk, cardboard piece with a Business Reply Card, your results could easily double.
Coupons, business reply cards and 800 numbers have been part of measuring marketing success for decades.
For example, if you have an email address, you need to include the costs of researching the company, making contact, setting the appointment, qualifying them, and taking the prospect through the sell cycle.If you ran a direct mail program that returned business reply cards (BRCs), you would include the cost of telephone follow-up and, again, researching, qualifying and closing them.
Mining tools include cold calls, telemarketing, direct mail with either telephone follow-up or with business reply cards. Each tool can quickly generate appointments with high-quality prospects.
Long & Foster hopes to double its online direct mail output to over two million pieces per year by using QuantumDigital's online portal, which will include a variety of postcards, flyers, brochures, door hangers and business reply cards for use by its agents.
Scrivner: In conjunction with our first API RP 1162 mailing, we used business reply cards to measure the effectiveness of the audiences' understanding of the topics covered.
"Reasonable" means might include check-off boxes, toll-free telephone numbers, business reply cards, etc.
45 Utilize business reply cards. They improve your return rate in mass mailings, especially with year-round group leaders.
Business reply cards. Contrary to the original reclassification ruling, business reply cards that are not bar coded will not ruin automation discounts for the publication.
Direct mail also can provide for a fast, simple response from the recipient through the use of enclosed business reply cards or envelopes.

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