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brace, 3
1. A metal or wood member which is used to stiffen or support a structure; a strut which supports or fixes another member in position or a tie used for the same purpose.
2. An angle brace.
3. A tool having a handle, crank, and chuck; used for holding a bit or auger and rotating it to drill a hole by hand; also called a bit stock.
4. A raker, 2.
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Gage will offer several fully integrated marketing services to accent Returns Online's comprehensive solution, including printing/delivery of notification documents and business reply cards, communication support for inbound and outbound programs, and issuing refund checks.
0 processes all types of forms with the industry's highest recognition and accuracy rates including: insurance claims, medical forms, business reply cards and mail order forms.
The company manufactures specialty napkin and tissue rolls for independent, private label and specialty converters as well as high bulk uncoated printing papers used in direct mail applications and business reply cards.
Founded in 1991, Manhattan Media, based in New York, is a developer of initial comps to the final production of two to six color printed pieces, including advertisements, advertorials, brochures, business reply cards, direct mail pieces, flashcards, logos, media kits, new business presentations, patient response cards, physicians letters, promotional pieces, rate cards, reports, special magazine inserts, trade journal advertisements, and visual aids.
Plus, an optional high capacity feeder can be added to hold up to 325 Business Reply Envelopes (BRE), Business Reply Cards (BRC) or 1,200 full sheets for high volume applications.
The Aetna Diabetes Care Kit consists of an Emmy award winning video, brochures, fact sheets, chart stickers, a flip chart teaching aid and business reply cards to order more materials - all of which are available in both English and Spanish.
A colleague wanted to subscribe to trade publications but got tired of filling out business reply cards.
com has put hundreds of free trade magazine subscriptions on one convenient website so that busy professionals can avoid the hassle of business reply cards and get the information they want by registering online.
Therefore, you'll see cost efficiencies because of printing higher quantities (print subscription business reply cards that will work for a year) and then having them blown into your publication.
These joint brochures will include bounce-back business reply cards to measure the effectiveness of the program.
Contrary to the original reclassification ruling, business reply cards that are not bar coded will not ruin automation discounts for the publication.

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