Business Software Alliance

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Business Software Alliance

The BSA was created by Microsoft in 1988 in an attempt to combat software theft. The alliance includes the majority of leading software publishers including Novell, Symantec, and Autodesk and is actively campaigning in over 65 countries.

The BSA operates a three-pronged approach: 1. Lobbying to strengthen copyright laws and co-operation with law enforcement agencies. 2. Educating the public through marketing, roadshows, etc. 3. Bringing legal actions against counterfeiters. BSA's aims are the same as the Federation Against Software Theft but it is not limited to the UK.

In December 1990 the BSA obtained the first legal order in the UK which allowed a surprise search on a company's offices for suspected copyright infringement.

UK Office: Business Software Alliance, 1st Floor, Leaconfield House, Curzon Street, London W1Y 8AS, United Kingdom.

See also software audit.
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Washington-based Business Software Alliance is a non-profit trade body that works for copyright protection and counts among its members some of the world's biggest technology companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Symantec and Adobe.
However, for the Business Software Alliance, the text would not achieve this.
The building's major tenants include the corporate headquarters of Lexis/Nexis, Business Software Alliance and several prominent law firms and international corporations.
The Business Software Alliance ran a three-month initiative at the end of last year which targeted a total of 1,000 businesses in an attempt to unearth illegal use of software throughout Birmingham.
The inspection teams of the coordination body for intellectual property and the business software alliance caught at least five companies using pirated software this year.
The Business Software Alliance (BSA), a 24-member organisation including Adobe, Apple, Corel, Microsoft and Symantec, will start advertising the rewards of 20,000 Australian dollars this week in Sydney's CBD, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
The Business Software Alliance (BSA), the global trade association representing the software industry, recently announced that it had entered into a settlement agreement with a Japanese manufacturer based in Kansai for software licence infringement.
Summary: BEIRUT: The US-based Business Software Alliance (BSA), an industry group representing the world's leading computer software developers, ranked Lebanon in 39th place worldwide and fifth in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) in terms of piracy rate in 2009, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group.
Moore met Tuesday with Bulgaria's Interior Minister, Tsvetanov Tsvetanov, for the signing of a memorandum for copyrights protection between the Interior, the Federation and the Business Software Alliance.
The Business Software Alliance (BSA), the voice of the world's commercial ftware industry, has announced a settlement with Scheidt & Bacchmann USA, Inc.
Ian Callens, of IT service and support provider Icomm Technologies, has urged Midland-based SMEs to be mindful of the consequences of using unlicenced software, with the Business Software Alliance (BSA) mounting a large antipiracy campaign against such businesses.
The Business Software Alliance (BSA) took legal action against the firm as part of its ongoing crackdown on the use of unlicensed software in businesses.

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