Business Software Alliance

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Business Software Alliance

The BSA was created by Microsoft in 1988 in an attempt to combat software theft. The alliance includes the majority of leading software publishers including Novell, Symantec, and Autodesk and is actively campaigning in over 65 countries.

The BSA operates a three-pronged approach: 1. Lobbying to strengthen copyright laws and co-operation with law enforcement agencies. 2. Educating the public through marketing, roadshows, etc. 3. Bringing legal actions against counterfeiters. BSA's aims are the same as the Federation Against Software Theft but it is not limited to the UK.

In December 1990 the BSA obtained the first legal order in the UK which allowed a surprise search on a company's offices for suspected copyright infringement.

UK Office: Business Software Alliance, 1st Floor, Leaconfield House, Curzon Street, London W1Y 8AS, United Kingdom.

See also software audit.
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1) The Business Software Alliance is an association of professional software publishers.
The Business Software Alliance is made up of Apple, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and a number of other companies.
According to the Business Software Alliance the increase was put down to growing computer markets in countries such as Vietnam, China and India.
Yet if you ask them what they think of the Content Faction's agenda for the digital world, you invariably get something similar to the position expressed by Emery Simon of the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a group that includes the Tech Faction's major players: "We are strongly antipiracy, but we think mandating these protections is an abysmally stupid idea.
Business Software Alliance and Bahrain Ministry of Information influential in filing of several cases; reflects strong local stand against piracy
The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has issued Model Business Practices on Intellectual Property for Internet Auction Sites aimed at curbing the listing, sale and distribution of pirated and counterfeit software programs through Internet auction sites.
In the first nine months of 2000, the Business Software Alliance (BSA - lobby group representing the world's biggest software developers) resulted in 3,728 leads on the "hotlines" they opened in every country in Europe, which in tern led to 1,643 take down notices, 1,468 of which were actually taken down.
Every year software piracy steals more than $10 billion from the developers and marketers of computer software applications, reports the Business Software Alliance, an association that represents large software publishers.
The Business Software Alliance, a software developers watchdog group, has launched an online form for its Software Audit Return (SAR) campaign.
As part of its widespread campaign to enforce copyright compliance, Adobe has partnered with anti-piracy organizations such as the Business Software Alliance (www.

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