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chain store:

see storestore,
commonly a shop or other establishment for the retail sale of commodities, but also a place where wholesale supplies are kept, exhibited, or sold. Retailing—the sale of merchandise to the consumer—is one of the oldest businesses in the world and was practiced
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As a result of the work of MNCs today these globally distributed but distinct chains of production, marketing and financing facilities have been symbiotically united together to form a global business chain that offers opportunities for the MNCs to reduce the cost of business operations and enhance their competitive advantage (Daniels, Radebaugh, Sullivan, 2007; Ritzer, 2011).
The weakest link in the business chain, he points out, hasn't been the businesses, but the banks who he describes as "those stalwarts we thought were the be-all and end-all.
Mr Perkonoja said the planned development measures in HK Ruokatalo's business chain must be brought forward if long-term profitability targets are to be met.
2] emissions, Euro 4/5/6, pedestrian safety, fuel consumption, biofuels, pedestrian safety, recycling and End-of-Life-of Vehicle), consumer wishes/needs (infotainment, safety devices, comfort and individualized designs) and profit considerations within the business chain in the automotive sector.
Additions include support for interactive advertising across the complete business chain, from rate card to invoicing and proof of publication, as well as the completely new AdsML Media Pack specification supporting media rate cards.
Sustainability is something that resounds through all the links in her business chain in her quest for everything from natural materials to eco-friendly wallpaper.
Network enterprise creates presumptions for costs reducing and sales increasing of partners in the given business chain.
SMEsmay be more at risk than larger companies since they often wield less power in the business chain.
In 2007, the Group fully adopted a overall cost leadership strategy, maintained a stable improvement in production and operation, and effectively enhanced the upstream-downstream business chain structure.
Other parts of the business chain followed, and slowly front-end semiconductor processing also was transferred to external foundries.
Wilson assumed responsibility for PPM Energy's wind development business in 2004 and will now be responsible for all of PPM Energy's renewable business chain, overseeing development, construction and engineering, operations and maintenance, asset management and origination.

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