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chain store:

see storestore,
commonly a shop or other establishment for the retail sale of commodities, but also a place where wholesale supplies are kept, exhibited, or sold. Retailing—the sale of merchandise to the consumer—is one of the oldest businesses in the world and was practiced
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Companies operating under the umbrella of BDC Holdings include DigiPhoto Studio, DigiPhoto Entertainment Imaging, Al Maraya Retail Solutions, Alto Vista Realty and Latte & Lafter CafE[umlaut] with two more specialty business chains in the wings in their maiden launch into Dubai.
Several well-known business chains would be affected by the move, including Chili's, Yum Yum Tree, Burger King, McDonald's, Costa Coffee and Starbucks.
Consolidation caused by the economics of scale, as well as the addiction to growth, has diminished the sharp edges and crucial opinion pieces from many alternative papers, many of which are part of business chains.
Now, Computone, with Multi-User, more than meets that need, opening a porthole for businesses and business chains to the world of premiere products, service and support.
With continued strong commercial activity and population growth, Bend is receiving increased attention from national business chains and can expect additional developments.
In addition, NeoLoad allow users to oversee all the servers involved in business chains and to closely observe the behavior of SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

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