Efficiency Ratio

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Efficiency Ratio


a qualitative index, expressed by a relative quantity, that characterizes the level of economic efficiency achieved. The efficiency ratio is the ratio between the economic result obtained (for example, the total profit or the total savings from reducing the prime cost of output) and the expenditures incurred. The efficiency ratio can characterize such economic factors as the efficiency of socialist production as a whole, the efficiency of capital investments, or the efficiency of introducing new equipment.

efficiency ratio

The ratio of the net usable area of a building to its gross floor area.
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The linkages are clearly evident as nine countries from the top 10 are also listed in the top 10 of the business efficiency factor.
Qatar 's improvement (19 to 13) largely reflects its recovering in terms of the business efficiency factor (24 to 11) due to increases in its overall productivity.
In the IMD list, Brazil had the biggest gap at minus-26 points, based on a government efficiency ranking of 55 and business efficiency ranking of 29.
i) Additionally, Three quarters of UK organisations believe that investing in new technology is necessary to achieve greater business efficiency.
In global efficiency matrices, both in terms of government efficiency and business efficiency, the UAE continued to perform well.
CA Identity Manager helps improve security and business efficiency by automating identity management processes, such as user provisioning.
Matrix's web-based customer self-service strategy has allowed the company to enhance business efficiency by consolidating information, augmenting customer service, and eliminating paper reports.
By providing customers with the real-time ability to see and control thousands of assets and sites through standard browsers or PDAs, Site Control's energy information systems provide energy savings and improve business efficiency.
The Small Business Efficiency Act amends the tax code to establish a PEO certification process by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)," said Congressman Brady during a March 20 meeting.
Combined, these services provide a comprehensive solution, which aligns with AT&T's convergence strategy and enables DCHS to deliver greater levels of business efficiency.
GS1 Hong Kong (formerly known as the Hong Kong Article Numbering Association or HKANA) is a not-for-profit industry support organization that helps Hong Kong enterprises optimize business efficiency through the provision of global supply chain standards and enabling technologies.

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