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A prefabricated assembly of standard lengths of busbars rigidly supported by solid insulation and enclosed in a sheet-metal housing.


1. A busbar.
2. A heavy, rigid electrical conductor that serves as a common connection between the source of electric power and the load circuits.

bus duct, busway

A prefabricated conduit which is used to enclose and protect bus running through it.
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Due to on--going challenges around maintaining, replacing and fixing the Guided Busway, up--to--date granular understanding of the track condition, deterioration, and rate of change of the infrastructure is necessary.
Successful design and application of 4000A Power Busway Trunking System in projects like International Textile Mills and Union Fabrics has eliminated the usage and dependency on power cables completely from utilities.
It is imperative to highlight that planning, costing and execution of Busway system requires high engineering skills, deep understanding of individual load components and ultimately how they are integrated into a complete installation.
The 25km busway has been beset by problems, with the original cost of 116 million [pounds sterling] climbing to as much as 160 million [pounds sterling].
Even though the environmental impact reports are being prepared for the widening of Canoga Avenue as the busway is extended into Chatsworth, it could be six more years before it becomes a reality.
Because busway has a single connection point to the main, it would be a simple task to meter each cell.
The nearby San Fernando Valley gets its own busway this fall.
The busway is also equipped with a bicycle path, lighting, and landscaping.
Detailed design and further planning for the Rosedale Busway Station will continue throughout next year, with the station expected to also be completed by the end of 2021.
So for how long would one diesel busway linking our three South Wales cities, together nearly three times the size of Nantes, and none having any tram lines, be able to cope with the likely passenger demand?
The council said it had yet to agree the repairs with BAM Nuttall, although it has been reported the busway could be open before the summer.
The MTA's new BRT system will include a 14-mile exclusive busway that will run between the North Hollywood Metro Red Line Station and Warner Center in the West Valley.