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A prefabricated assembly of standard lengths of busbars rigidly supported by solid insulation and enclosed in a sheet-metal housing.
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1. A busbar.
2. A heavy, rigid electrical conductor that serves as a common connection between the source of electric power and the load circuits.

bus duct, busway

A prefabricated conduit which is used to enclose and protect bus running through it.
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Pogliano-Italy, one of the pioneers in busways systems, due to its complete range, superior features and fast delivery of Insulated Busbars has made Jubilee Corporation capable of executing a number of high profile Projects across Pakistan in sectors such as Commercial Centers, Skyscrapers, Textile, Poultry Feed Mills, Oil and Gas plants and tall buildings.
Lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are also keen to talk to any of Billy's former colleagues from Busways Travel Services Ltd, now part of Stagecoach, where he was employed between 1986 and 1995, first as a shunter and then a fitter.
Fabian Way, for example, would have a second park and ride site next to the M4 with a busway through old industrial land.
Busways also referred to as Busbar Trunking System (BTS), which stands out for their ease of installation, flexibility, reusability and number of possible connection points.
Trams and guided busways - which have both been introduced in various locations across the country in the last few years - would form a key element of the plan.
Consultants TRL and AEA Technology Rail looked at light rail, a train-tram system which shares heavy and light rails, guided light transport, a rubber-tyred tram-style vehicle, guided busways, light tram and personal rapid transit, such as an ULTra.
In the Kent part of Thames Gateway, the new Fastrack busway system is already under construction, connecting Dartford and Gravesend; soon it will be followed by a line through the heart of Eric Kuhne's Ebbsfleet Valley residential development, to link to the new Ebbsfleet station on the Channel Tunnel rail link, due to open in 2007.
But now, faced with still-worsening traffic congestion, Honolulu seems about ready to go for a system of exclusive, rapid busways.
Bus Rapid Transit is designed to provide major improvements in the speed and reliability of bus service through barrier-separated busways, busses on High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes, or improved service on arterial streets.
Now, special dedicated lanes (or "busways") keep buses from getting bogged down in the main traffic stream.
They claim he is being harshly treated because he is a local union convener in London United Busways' Shepherd's Bush depot.
But the row will escalate today when 100 of London United Busways' engineers go on strike in protest at the sackings.