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(buzzards), a genus of predatory birds of the family Accipitridae. The body length is 38–66 cm. Buzzards have broad wings and a short, broad tail, which enable the birds to soar in their search for food. The coloration is monochrome brown, red, or gray above; the underparts are spotted, striped, or, less commonly, of a single color. A clutch may yield both light- and dark-colored birds.

There are 25 species of buzzards, distributed in Europe, Africa, Asia (except the southeast), and the Americas. Four species are found in the USSR: the common buzzard (B. buteo) inhabits the forest and forest-steppe zones, the rough-legged buzzard (B. lagopus) is found in the tundra, the long-legged buzzard (B. rufinus) dwells in dry steppes and deserts, and B. hemilasius is found from the mountain steppes of Central Asia to the watersheds of the Tien-Shan, the southeastern Altai, and Transbaikal area. The northern species of Buteo are migratory.

Buzzards nest in trees or on cliffs overlooking coasts. A clutch contains two to five eggs, which are white or greenish white with rust markings. The eggs are incubated for 28 to 32 days, most often by the female. Buzzards feed on rodents, lizards, frogs, birds, and insects.

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