Albania: see ButhrotumButhrotum
, city of ancient Epirus, in S Albania, 8 mi (12.9 km) S of Sarandë, opposite N end of the island of Kérkira (Corfu) on an inland lagoon off the Corfu Straits. Dating probably from the 8th cent. B.C.
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The archaeological site of Butrint is interesting, situated in After having visited the interesting archaeological site of Butrint, we shipped the motorcycles on the small barge that crosses the canal.
Referring to the rich historical and cultural heritage of Albania, the envoy pointed out that Butrint, located in the south of Albania, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Archaeology of Mediterranean Placemaking: Butrint and the Global Heritage Industry
Butrint 4; the archaeology and histories of an Ionian town.
The surrounding region also offers some historical sites, including the 2,500-year old town of Butrint.
Our cruise featured Athens and Istanbul but included several lesser sights, of which Butrint was the most obscure.
There are built the roads along the coastal area, Sarande - Ksamil- Butrint, Sarande - Konispol, Sarande- Pllake - Xarre, Sarande - Delvine, the local roads in Sarande, Ksamil, and Lukova beach.
24, 2014, 15 days): Cruise from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Piraeus, Greece, with visits to the UNESCO-listed Campiello in Corfu Town and Butrint in the not-often-visited country of Albania, the magical Meteora Monasteries, the magnificent sites of Athens, the islands of Santorini and Mykonos and the ports of Kotor, Montenegro and Chania, Greece.
Considered a classic bike tour in that all the riding is on paved roads, the Albania Heritage by Bicycle tour is for moderate riders who are interested in history as we visit the natural and cultural heritage of Pogradec on the shores of Lake Ohrid, the architectural ruins of Butrint, and the "Town of a Thousand Windows,” also known as Berat.
La importancia nacional de los bienes y patrimonio cultural de Butrint fue reconocida y confirmada por el Comite de Patrimonios Mundiales de la UNESCO en 1992, al considerar los criterios culturales de Butrint como un testimonio unico y excepcional de una tradicion y civilizacion cultural desaparecida.
CRUISES * GREEK ISLANDS: Windstar (020 7292 2369) offers seven nights Athens to Malta voyage, departing Oct 15, from pounds 1,011, saving pounds 836 with ports of call incl Gythion, Argostoli, Butrint National Park (Albania), Siracusa and Gozo.
important archaeological site of Butrint, is a scene of earthquake-type