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In another post, she pointed out that she is at the beach, anyway, so why would slightly exposing her butt cheeks be such an issue?
New York, June 12 ( ANI ): The leaders of an exclusive, 125-year-old Atlanta social club are cracking down on members after a letter from an outraged member claims golfers played naked, exposed themselves to female caddy, picked up golf balls with "naked butt cheeks.
After we'd wiped the tears of mirth from our eyes we sent the fools out of there with the sting of our boots ringing on their American butt cheeks.
ON PLAYING SPORT IN HER UNDIES: "My worst injury so far is some pretty serious turf burn on my butt cheeks.
My favourite scene to date is of the bloke who drops his kecks to reveal a deep red, scalded and peeling pair of butt cheeks and, when asked what happened by the doctor, replies casually: "Grilled 'em.
I have light skin, but dark circles under my butt cheeks.
Maybe his butt cheeks have turned to sherry trifle from sitting in a judge's chair, or his eyebrows are buckling under the pressure of being raised for every arch comment.
It seems life can only get better when you are the proud wearer of these undergarments - think, no more butt cheeks sliced in half by ordinary briefs.
I have seen people bring the gun behind the trunk of their body and near their butt cheeks and, to make matters worse, often their finger is on the trigger.
The movement should come from contracting your butt cheeks to extend your leg.
He still probably believes jeans were meant to be worn round the waist and not somewhere south of your butt cheeks.