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see walnutwalnut,
common name for some members of the Juglandaceae, a family of chiefly deciduous, resinous trees characterized by large and aromatic compound leaves. Species of the walnut family are indigenous mostly to the north temperate zone, but also range from Central America along
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Tree up to 80ft (24m) with opposite leaves and sticky, egg-shaped fruit. Inner bark used as astringent to stop bleeding, rheumatism, pain. Nuts and bark are antiseptic, used to expel tapeworms, fungus, tumors.
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butternut, white walnut

A moderately soft, medium-textured, low-density wood of light to pale brown color. The walnut-like grain is used particularly for decorative veneer.
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He points out that moisturization, revitalization and the ability to heal the body are among the core benefits derived from the shea butter nut. The line includes bar soaps and hand and body washes.
Although Kim's dress was designed specifically for her in that colour, the butter nut corset dress will be in the Liverpool store next season.
The property at the corner of the Backto-Backs has been returned to its traditional role as a sweet shop, and the jars that line its shelves are all filled by Sela Sweets: rhubarb and custard, kali, cola cubes, pineapple rock, brandy and cream drops, dairy butter nut.