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see needleworkneedlework,
work done with a needle, either plain sewing, mending, or ornamental work such as embroidery, quilting, smocking, hemstitching, fagoting, some kinds of lace making (see lace), patchwork, and appliqué.
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What does it mean when you dream about sewing?

A dream about sewing can be about creating something new or about repairing something than has been torn. We also talk about “sewing something up,” meaning to assure the success of something. (See also Knitting).

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They said Aiden's wound would scar if he had normal stiches but with butterfly stitches it is likely to fade over time."
"I wouldn't go to hospital, so his friend had to give me six butterfly stitches as if I was a boxer in the ring."
"He went to hospital with his bleeding injuries, where his wounds were dressed and butterfly stitches applied."
Mr Duda had bruising and swelling to his face as well as cuts which were treated with butterfly stitches.
As his wife needed to take medication, the couple decided to leave and received treatment at Mountain Ash Hospital the following day, where she was given butterfly stitches for the wound.
Mother-of-one Denise had to have butterfly stitches after suffering a bad cut to her middle finger as she was putting the finishing touches to her dishes.
An insider revealed: "Michelle split open her nose and her chin on her way down and had to get butterfly stitches.
Mr Allen later said he could not remember the events, he had not made a formal complaint but he had received butterfly stitches to a wound on his left ear.
If you go around Pallister Park calling salt of the earth citizens 'smoggies', they give you fat lips, cauliflower ears and butterfly stitches for breakfast.
The next day he was taken to the city's Royal Victoria Infirmary for butterfly stitches.
She had some little butterfly stitches put on to one of her fingers and she will have to go back to hospital to be assessed."
The England captain, who needed two butterfly stitches to the wound, is said to have stormed away from the ground with his wife Victoria and their son Brooklyn.