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What does it mean when you dream about buttons?

Buttons as fasteners (as opposed to campaign buttons) are closely related to the symbolism of clothing. Clothing frequently represents the outer self or persona. Thus, tight buttons (tight clothing) may indicate the feeling of being bound by our social roles, and the act of unbuttoning the opening of the self to others (or, in some instances, sexual opening).

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Perhaps the bouman was honest enough; perhaps he had meant to cheat and then, finding himself alone with two of us in a desert place, cast back to honesty as being safer; at least, and all at once, he seemed to find that button and handed it to Alan.
"Well, and it is a good thing for the honour of the Maccolls," said Alan, and then to me, "Here is my button back again, and I thank you for parting with it, which is of a piece with all your friendships to me." Then he took the warmest parting of the bouman.
The PhotoPhone comes with 8 dedicated big speed dial buttons which can feature pictures or icons.
COLOURFUL buttons can be bought quite cheaply from a fabric shop, or haberdashery.
From virtual Dash buttons built into numerous appliances to Alexa-enabled Echo smart speakers, a physical dongle for every item you may want to order became superfluous.
While pressing some buttons in life results in no outcome, those co-workers or family members who press our buttons usually do see a result.
Since ages, buttons have been an important part of the clothing and fashion industry, used as tiny fasteners or adornment on the clothes.
Buttons, labels, lines, and rectangles are unbound controls.
If you're of my generation, you may remember playing this children's game, using buttons from your mother's sewing supplies--or at least you've heard of it.
Edgewell Personal Care announced the availability of six new Amazon Dash Buttons for individual brands, including its femcare brands Playtex Sport, Carefree and Stayfree.
Members can now choose from over 100 Dash Buttons representing top-name brands across dozens of retail categories and thousands of products.
From the set of Reaction buttons, there are a lot of emojis that express positivity and the "Yay" button is one of them.