Buyoya, Pierre

Buyoya, Pierre,

1949–, Burundian political leader. An ethnic Tutsi, he had a successful military career before he overthrew President Jean-Baptiste BagazaBagaza, Jean-Baptiste
, 1946–2016, Burundian army officer and political leader. An ethnic Tutsi, he was educated at Belgian military schools, rose through the ranks of Burundi's armed forces, then led a coup (1976) against president Michel Micombero and became president.
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 and became president of a Tutsi-led military regime that provoked (1988) an unsuccessful uprising by Hutus in which some 20,000 died. He approved a new constitution in 1992 and elections were held, resulting in a multi-ethnic government led by Hutu Melchior Ndadaye, who succeeded Buyoya in 1993 but was soon assassinated by the military. The subsequent ethnic civil war, in which hundreds of thousands died, led to another coup, in 1996, that returned Buyoya to power. Following the 2001 Arusha Accords, a Tutsi-Hutu power sharing agreement, Buyoya handed over power in 2003 to his Hutu vice president, Domitien Ndayizeye. Buyoya has since served in several diplomatic missions for La Francophonie and the African Union.