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(bo͝ozû`o͝o), city (1990 pop. 147,627), SE Romania, in Walachia, on the Buzău River. It is a district administrative center and an important railroad junction. The country around Buzău is dotted with orchards and vineyards. Its chief industries are metallurgy and plastics. Long the residence of an Orthodox bishop, it has an episcopal palace and a 16th-century cathedral, restored in 1740.



a district in southeastern Rumania located on the slopes of the eastern Carpathians and partly in the Lower Danubian Lowland. Area, 6, 100 sq km. Population, 495, 000 (1968). Administrative center: the city of Buzău. Buzău is an important fruit- and vine-growing region. Other crops are corn, wheat, sunflowers, sugar beets, and tobacco. There is livestock raising. Industry consists of petroleum extraction, lignite mining, the production of building materials, lumbering, food processing, tobacco processing, the manufacture of clothing, metalworking, wire rolling, petroleum refining, and plastics production (primarily in the cities of Buzău and Rîmnicu-Sărat). There are health resort settlements in the mountains near mineral springs.




a city in Rumania, located on the Buzäu River; the administrative center of the district of Buzäu. Population, 66, 400 (1968). Railroad and pipeline junction. Buzäu produces plastic goods, wire, and metal goods and has a gar-ment industry and food-processing industry.