Buzuluk Pine Forest

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Buzuluk Pine Forest


an insular forest tract, primarily pine, between the steppes of the Trans-Volga Region and the foothills of the Urals, on the boundary between Kuibyshev and Orenburg oblasts. Located 15 km north of the city of Buzuluk on a broad lowland with sandy soils in the Borovka basin. Area, 111, 150 ha (hectares; 1970).

According to V. N. Sukachev’s classification, all plantings in the Buzuluk Pine Forest are divided into lichenous (1 percent), mossy (about 65 percent), mixed (about 25 percent), and pseudograssy pine forests (8 percent). From 1949 to 1967 all burned and felled areas and glades in the forest were afforested, and about 25, 000 ha of cultivated pines were created. The Buzuluk Pine Forest is one of the oldest seats of national forestry. In 1903 the Pine Forest Experimental Forest Range—reorganized in 1931 as the Pine Forest Experimental Station—was founded there. In 1932 the Buzuluk Preserve was created on part of the territory of the Buzuluk Pine Forest. The administration of the preserve was extended to the whole Buzuluk Pine Forest in 1948, and an administration of forest management was formed—the Buzuluk Pine Forest. Extensive research has been done in the Buzuluk Pine Forest by Sukachev, as well as by G. F. Morozov, P. A. Zamiatchenskii, G. N. Vysotskii, A. P. Tol’skii, M. N. Tkachenko, V. G. Nesterov, and others.


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