Bychkov, Aleksandr

Bychkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich


Born 1862, in the village of Iablonovka, now Cherkassy Oblast, Ukrainian SSR; died Sept. 27, 1925, in Kharkov. A revolutionary; member of People’s Will. Born into the family of an engineer.

Bychkov joined the Kiev People’s Will group in 1879. He was repeatedly tried for revolutionary activity. In 1887 he fled from exile in Siberia. In an attempt to revive the People’s Will activity, Bychkov toured the Volga Region, the Caucasus, and southern and central Russia. He was arrested in September 1888 and lived in exile in Siberia until 1906. After the October Revolution, Bychkov became a member of the Kharkov Soviet of Workers’ Deputies. From 1922 he worked at the Kharkov Istpart (Commission on Party History), at the Museum of the Revolution, and at the Central Archive of the Revolution. His memoirs on his revolutionary activity were published in the journals Katorga i ssylka, 1926, no. 3, and Letopis’ revoliutsii, 1924, nos. 2-3.