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see BelarusBelarus
or Byelarus
, formerly Belorussia,
officially Republic of Belarus, republic (2005 pop. 9,799,000), c.80,150 sq mi (207,600 sq km), E central Europe. It is sometimes called White Russia.
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, Byelorussia, Belorussia
a republic in E Europe; part of the medieval Lithuanian and Polish empires before occupied by Russia; a Soviet republic (1919--91); in 1997 formed a close political and economic union with Russia: mainly low-lying and forested. Languages: Belarussian; Russian. Religion: believers are mostly Christian. Currency: rouble. Capital: Minsk. Pop.: 9 851 000 (2004 est.). Area: 207 600 sq. km (80 134 sq. miles)
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The example of Byelorussia and the Ukraine as founding members of the United Nations is particularly curious in view of the letter dated February 10, 1945 by Franklin D.
Last summer a wind from Byelorussia brought us blue roses.
That part of western Russia which escaped Mongol influence became known as Byelorussia, which translates as "white Russia.
McIntosh, Quetico's Linda Wiens and three American organizational development experts were invited to Minsk Byelorussia by the Byelorussian State University of Economics.
And now three new Slavonic states reappear after some 250 years in the Russian empire -- Byelorussia, The Ukraine and Russia.
Despite a pounds 10million probe into alleged Nazi war criminals, Serafinowicz, of Banstead, Surrey, who suffers from dementia, was the only person to be brought to trial on charges of murdering Jews in Byelorussia, now Belarus, in 1941 and 1942.
Every month Fergie parcels up her designer jeans, T-shirts, skirts and tops to go to the needy in European poverty blackspots including Bosnia and Byelorussia as well as Poland.
Alva Senzek, a trade columnist for El Financiero International, said a major problem for SECOFI is the lack of information on whether the Russian urea actually originates in that country or is imported from Byelorussia.
Economic decline has surpassed the plunge in production experienced in the Soviet Union at the height of the Second World War, following the German occupation of Byelorussia and parts of the Ukraine in 1941 and the extensive bombing of Soviet industrial infrastructure.
Just in this century Russia have taken land from, or sent their colonists into Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Georgia, Kazakstan, Japan and others.
The Mass of confirmation was celebrated by Kazimierz Cardinal Swiatek, a Pole appointed to the see of Minsk, Byelorussia.