an urban-type settlement in the northern part of Briansk Oblast, RSFSR, 39 km northwest of the Diat’kovo railroad station (on the Briansk-Viaz’ma line). Population, 7, 400 (1968). There is a plant producing window glass and a plant manufacturing steel frames and fittings.

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This year the commission submitted documents from the following settlements: Surazh, Igritskoe village of the Komarichsky district, Saltanovka village of Navlinsky district, Vitomlya village of Pogarsky district, Vygonichi village of Vygonichsky district, Bytosh village of Dyatkovo district, Dubrovka village of Dubrovsky district, Sagutievo village of Trubchevsky district, village Glass Raditsa Bryansk district, the village Starokrasnaya Sloboda Pochepsky district.
This winter, in the Year of the Volunteer, another school forestry with the name "Birch" was organized in the territory of the Dyatkovo district of the Bryansk region of the Municipal Educational Establishment "Average secondary school named after the Hero of the Soviet Union VS Kurkov " in the village of Bytosh. Thus, in the territory of the Dyatkovo district there are four school forestries, whose participants are ready to do new good deeds for the benefit of the forests of their native land.