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, city (1991 pop. 313,987), capital of Canada, SE Ont., at the confluence of the Ottawa and Rideau rivers and across the Ottawa from Gatineau, Que. The Rideau Canal separates the city into upper and lower towns; along its banks and those of the rivers are many landscaped
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, Canada.
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It was seconded byTown Hallleader, Cllr Julie Jackson and then Cllr Keith Kondakor said: "One thing I would like to say , I do fear there is a lack of funding.
In particular, the city has many fine museums including Bytown Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, the Canadian Agriculture and Foods Museum, the Bank of Canada Museum, and the Diefenbunker Cold War Museum.
25Which Canadian city was founded as Bytown in 1826 but later called after the local river, a word meaning "to trade"?
Now a new history about them, their ancestors and descendants has been published titled "Bytown Gunners: The History of Ottawa's Artillery from 1855 to 2015." It is the first detailed history of the regiment produced in more than sixty years.
Kinley Award by The Navy League of Canada's Vice-President Maritime Affairs, Captain Harry Harsch, RCN (Ret'd), at a Maritime Affairs Luncheon at HMCS Bytown. The award is presented to members, employees or units of the Canadian Coast Guard, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, or the Canadian Forces who have made remarkable contributions in support of naval and maritime interests.
Named for a nineteenth-century British military commander and hero of the Battle of Waterloo, William Henry Paget (1768-1854), first Marquess of Anglesey (who never visited North America, much less Bytown, as Ottawa was known prior to 1855), Anglesea Square was carved out of crown lands reserved for munitions and military exercises ("Anglesea" 2).
His family emigrated to Canada in 1845 and settled in Bytown, later renamed Ottawa by Queen Victoria.
The Syrian-Canadian of convenience is portrayed as too cheap or too greedy to purchase his own airfare, irrationally and stupidly (e.g., selenius; John Shaft; wanda white; dobe461; mousetrap; Bumpy Road) postponing departure in order to ensure the Canadian tax payer foots the bill (e.g., justaviewer; dobe461; Bytown).
Other guests were steamboat passengers heading upstream to Bytown (Ottawa) or downstream to Quebec City, others moving by stage or by cab to Albany or New York City via Laprairie and St John, to Lachine, Prescott, Aylmer or North Williamsburg, Finch, Osnabruck or Kingston, occasionally an Indian to Saint-Regis.
Brandon Corcoran and Laura Smith investigate the founding of the Friends of Ireland in Bytown to the dismay of Scotsman Bishop Alexander Macdonell.
A plusieurs reprises, l'histoire de la capitale est convoquee, la Basse-Ville etant, entre autres, presentee comme << le berceau de Bytown, le noyau historique de la grande ville d'Ottawa >> (14) et les edifices a demolir comme constituant << a historical connection linking our present generation to those resilient individuals who settled on this swampy riverbank >>.
Pignat's attention to detail attunes us to the rotting stench of sickness on the boat, allows us to feel the crisp winds of winter along the Ottawa Canal and vividly see the markets of Bytown where Kit finds her sister.