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(computer science)
An object-oriented language that was created as an extension to the C language.


One of the most used object-oriented languages, a superset of C developed primarily by Bjarne Stroustrup <bs@alice.att.com> at AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1986.

In C++ a class is a user-defined type, syntactically a struct with member functions. Constructors and destructors are member functions called to create or destroy instances. A friend is a nonmember function that is allowed to access the private portion of a class. C++ allows implicit type conversion, function inlining, overloading of operators and function names, and default function arguments. It has streams for I/O and references.

C++ 2.0 (May 1989) introduced multiple inheritance, type-safe linkage, pointers to members, and abstract classes.

C++ 2.1 was introduced in ["Annotated C++ Reference Manual", B. Stroustrup et al, A-W 1990].

MS-DOS, Unix ANSI C++ - X3J16 committee. (They're workin' on it).

See also cfront, LEDA, uC++.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.lang.c++.

["The C++ Programming Language", Bjarne Stroustrup, A-W, 1986].


The object-oriented version of the C language. See C.
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