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a device for securing workpieces to a bench or template during fitting, joining, gluing, or assembly. C-clamps have a tightening screw passing through one end of a C-shaped frame made of metal or hard wood.

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A steel clamp, shaped like the letter C; used to hold, under pressure, two materials placed between the top of the open end of the C and a flattened end of a screw shaft which is threaded through the other end of the C.
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That was the moment when I reached through the tunnel and unscrewed the C-clamp. It took all of three seconds.
The side struts of the pelvic C-clamp (Synthes, PA) with attached spikes were passed through stab incision until the tips of the spikes contacted the lateral cortex of the flat portion of the ilium directly opposite the S1 body.
Cadigan, "Structure-function analysis of the C-clamp of TCF/Pangolin in Wnt/ss-catenin signaling," PLoS ONE, vol.
Ganz and associates50 introduced the C-clamp as a tool to rapidly stabilize posterior pelvic ring fractures in hypotensive patients.
The size of a C-clamp is measured by its capacity--the dimension of the largest object the frame can accommodate with the screw fully extended.
The sturdy base comes with a C-clamp that stabilizes it against a picnic table (or, with a handy attachment, your rear bumper), and a powerful gear system and ergonomic handle allow you to blend at high and low speeds.
"Yo, what's that?" I shouted, pointing to a small blade whose root was snagged into an angle that had been created with pieces of steel plate and a C-clamp.
The RG Stabilizer is a simple bolt-on that can be installed in under 30 minutes with a floor jack, C-clamp and adjustable wrench.
While a small C-clamp would fit, the bar clamp handle wouldn't even begin to fit.
After attaching the stabilizer to the surgical table with a standard C-clamp, users simply suspend the tongue blade or laryngoscopy adapter from the device's horizontal arm and adjust to the desired position.
Mounting devices include track, canopy, busway and c-clamp.