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Astronaut sampling and potential commercial activities could indicate the value of C-type asteroids for commercial mining purposes, which in turn could have significant impacts on how deep space missions are designed in the future.
About 1 percent of these ice-infused boulders, known as C-type asteroids, were dropped into the outer regions of the asteroid belt.
C-type asteroids are the most common type of asteroid, dark gray, and often seen in the main asteroid belt's outer regions.
The mission of Hayabusa2 is to explore one of the C-type asteroids called 1999 JU3 in the universe, retrieve materials and bring them to Earth, said JAXA in a statement.
C-type asteroids are especially useful in this respect as they show a fairly featureless spectrum of uniform reflectance vs.
Moreover, c-type asteroids could be resources for future space exploration.
The most common ones - carbon-rich C-type asteroids - reflect only 3 (percent) to 5 percent of the light that hits them,'' he said.
Like the other C-type asteroids, Hygiea's surface material is similar to ancient, relatively unaltered carbonaceous chondrite meteorites.
Accurate measurement of the opposition effect for various C-type asteroids is a sensitive way of studying the reflection properties of their surfaces.
Spectral measurements strengthened the possibility that so-called C-type asteroids may be related to a class of meteorites called carbonaceous chondrites, suggesting that samples of such meteorites may be the first asteroid pieces found on Earth (136: 334).
Corrections were calculated using the (B-V) values shown in parentheses typical of C-type asteroids (0.
A particularly intriguing possible parallel exists between a class of meteorites known as carbonaceous chondrites (primarily types C1 and C2) and the so-called C-type asteroids.

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